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Project Description
{The dnp.Framework is designed to provide features not found in the core .NET framework. While there are elements that are of a general nature, much of the framework is centred more around an application framework and the tools need to build one rather than a set of disparate features. The frameworks core areas include:

Database Explorer API: Rich database schema API (released)
Domain Model API: Rich domain model view of Database Explorer API
Models API: Design models on top of the Domain Model API
Business: Application framework components such as base entity
Scripting: Utilities to help with code generation
Development: Utilities to help with development including unit testing.

Full details:

Mission Statement:
The purpose of this project is to provide a real alternative to enterprise level code generation. In the first few releases I'll be providing tools that can be used to build code generated templates (Database Explorer API). In future releases (hopefully not long now) I'll be providing more abstract API's (Domain Model API; now available) to futher enhance the experience of developing code generated models. At the same time I'll release my code generation scripts which will support the following:
  • Full inheritance support
  • Many-to-One field mapping (include inherited ones!)
  • Naming control - with automated suggestions (ie pluralisation)
  • Stored Procedure development (including full support for paging, searching (SQL injection protection) and other CRUD)
  • Entities, with support for base class or non-base class (oh you choose your base class)
  • Support for base class features, such as Concurrency, DateCreated, DateModified etc (ie you determine if this is supported or not)
  • Full relationship mapping including Many-to-Many and inheritance (One-to-One)
  • Reduced script code to make it easy (at least easier) to modify scripts to match your world
  • Very rich meta data model based on APIs - to reduce script complexities even for seemingly complex scenarios

Developement on the major goal of this project is well underway and have just released the full source code for most of the above. The Database Explorer API is stable, and so is the Domain Model API. The Model API however is not quite complete, but is quite close and is being used on projects today.

If you're interested in this project, please visit my ]site and register for the RSS feed. I'll be making updates fairly regularly or just check back once a week to get the latest developments.

Any and all feed back is welcome, and I'll be active at resolving bugs and other issues you may find while using the framework...


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